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The moment I stepped into my first Nia class in 2009, I felt “I’ve been waiting my whole life to move like this” It felt like what my body had been born to do!
Within weeks I took the Nia White Belt Training so I could share it with others.
I love what opens up for people when they dance Nia. It encourages you to move ‘Your Body’s Way’ not anyone else’s - so you cannot get it wrong!
I want to help people experience Joy and Freedom in their bodies while giving them a great workout - but its so much more than that. Nia is creative, playful, powerful and healing for body, mind and soul!
I teach in beautiful venues ranging from a sea-side yacht club in Eastbourne to dance school studios in the city. Together we create a warm, encouraging environment for all fitness levels and ages (class members currently range from 13yrs to over 70).
I am so grateful to teach this beautiful movement practice and am excited for you to join us - your body will love you for it!
— Amanda Hanna-Doull Nia Teacher

Amanda Hanna-Doull Licensed Nia Instructor

Nia White Belt Teacher 

Nia Green Belt Teacher 

Nia Blue Belt Teacher

Nia Five Stages Certified

Nia Moving To Heal Certified