Focus: Making It Sacred Intention: To be fully present by consecrating our dance & lives.

Dancing the perfectly named routine 'Sacred' by Nia Faculty Trainer Kelle Rae Oien, considering how do we make our Nia class experience more sacred? Maybe its with breath ... maybe relishing each sensation as a gift ... they're OUR sensations! How incredible to be in a body that feels and speaks so clearly to us. Looking at what our minds push away and stepping into to feeling... THAT ... and without judgement ... including it in the dance... adding more curiosity ... more gratitude, more generosity to body & self, flooding the body with appreciation - this miracle we get to walk around in each day ... Acceptance - this is who I am this moment.

Zen Mist Dancer.jpg


Focus: Filling the Space with You Intention: To dance with more authentic joy.

Sometimes when we step into class our bodies are in the room, but some particles of us are still flying around at work, attention is scattered and minds are speedy. We give ourselves time to arrive completely, collect our particles by sensing our feet, breathing into the space inside, noticing sensations in the our body. Connecting to 'the idea you have of you', being with it where ever it is, including this self in the dance, calling it forth until we can invite it to fill our skeletons, fill the space, and feel how far we extend beyond the skin - dance in this.

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We moved this focus with the intention of creating more harmony in the body with more systemic movement and flow.

We are exploring the full range of movement of each joint, moving following the design of the body, energising and creating a sensation current through all the joints of the body.

We have been playing with liquid joints, cushions of air in each joint, gliding the sliding facets of joints, spring loaded joints in the base, swinging joints, shoulder blade flying wings, feeling the beat with joints, space between each vertabrae and imagining a dancing neon skeleton -lighting up bones & joints! Including the jaw joint with sounding

*This week - bring your awareness to your incredible unique and multi-functioning joints- give them the movement and sensations they are longing for!

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