My first experience with Nia was with Amanda, I immediately felt a sense of coming home to a class that offered me everything I needed - dance, fitness, moving meditation, amazing music and fun. Amanda moves so beautifully and as with everything she puts her heart into, envelops you in warmth and love, and her joy in movement is catching. I have also experienced a few other Nia teachers and though I always enjoy them, Amanda is a perfect fit as a teacher for me. There is no judgement, only joy in the class, support and encouragement for all levels of physical ability and she makes the environment welcoming. As a physiotherapist and acupuncturist, this class feels like the perfect storm for me, and I encourage everyone I can to find a Nia class, in the confidence that anyone can do Nia in some way that is beneficial to them.
— Jo-Anne- jazz vocalist, physiotherapist, acupuncturist
Its been nearly four years since I first attended Amanda’s Nia classes and my enthusiasm for them continues. I have always loved to dance, especially as a form of self expression and stress relief, but with the days of lots of clubbing and dance parties long gone, I have discovered the Nia sessions satisfy my intrinsic desire to move. Nia’s underlying philosophy of ‘joy of movement’ not only enables pleasure in movement, also extends my body/mind connection further with each class making me feel more invigorated to continue on my daily journey. I am inspired by the beauty of Amanda’s graceful and rhythmic movement and with her musical background the music in class is always great.
— Lynn T - sculptor
I love Amanda’s Nia classes because whilst they are focused on movement and music they are essentially FUN. She encourages creativity and self-awareness without judgement. Her message is accept how you move and how you feel, stay-with and tweak your movements for increasingly joyful sensations.
— Susan L - midwife
I just love Nia - the movement, friendship and well being that it offers. Amanda has a natural fluidity of movement, which is infectious and makes class enjoyable. When I first started I had been ill and I liked that Nia could be done at my own level and pace. My health has improved so much that I now do two sessions a week.
— Lynley A -NLP coach, childrens author

Nia has become much more than just part of my weekly routine – it helps me to manage stress, it has enabled me to better connect mind and body, expand the range of movement I have when I dance, and above all – it makes me happy!
— Jill T - flamenco dancer, public relations

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— Jonathan L.
I love the vibrant energy and joy that Amanda brings to teaching our Nia class. I also love the joy of moving, a closeness to the dynamism of my body, the aerobic workout and stretching and even the brain training of following new steps
— Jenny P - Psychotherapist