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Nia is a mind body spirit dance workout for all ages & all bodies.

Danced barefoot to soul stirring music, Nia is a fusion of easy-to-follow moves that nourish body mind & soul.

Things People love about nia:

JOY! The first principle is Joy and we never forget it - although we can turn up to class stressed, anxious and exhausted sometimes, Nia lets you step in just as you are, and gently shows you the path to your joy of movement. I wish we had a way to measure the joy-factor shift from start to end of class … but people generally step out of class feeling more alive, relaxed and joyful.


Its fine to do your own thing! Yes Nia is choreographed with functional and flowing systemic movement, but the practice is finding YOUR body’s way with it… nobody does it quite like you!


Through honouring your body’s way, and your guiding yourself to move in a way that feels good to you, you naturally find a path that creates ease… it frees up your breathing and tight muscles along with emotions and mind. Did we mention we also have some powerful kicks, punches aka martial arts moves for when you need to blow off steam? We also encourage sound which is a huge way to relieve stress and tension


Nia attracts great people! No matter how you’re feeling, you will be met with kindness, warmth and friendship. We have strong Nia communities and we socialise after class from time to time. For many students, Nia class has become their ‘therapy for the week’. Dance with a community.


Nia has wonderful soundtracks and we supplement with contemporary and old school tunes we love … beautiful music that takes you from powerful to tender in one hour.

physical benefits include improvements in your:

        range of motion



        agility and



To find more about Nia visit: Nia HQ


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